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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 3, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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and sherman attention. that's what we'll read on the air tomorrow. again, thanks for watching us tons. please all remember that the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. tonight, the murder-suicide of an nfl player results in calls for new gun laws, but was bob costas' halftime tirade appropriate? we'll debate that. >> the way politics in washington are today, there will still be slavery. >> that's the shocking claim of aan anonymous top obama advisor. i believe it's safer to go over the fiscal cliff. >> do the democrats secretly want to plunge over the fiscal cliff? we'll examine the growing
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evidence that indicates this may be obama's secret plan. we'll have much more. hannity starts right here, right now. >> welcome to hannity. there are late breaking developments tonight related to the fiscal cliff battle being waged in washington. now, late this afternoon house speaker john boehner sent a letter to the president detailing a bold counter offer to the administration's plan. the g.o.p. proposal does not include a tax increase on the so-caldwell thee but does contain $800 billion in revenue through tax reform, another $600 billion in health savings and much more. all told, the net savings amount to around 2.2 trillion dollars. the white house responded to this letter by saying that the president is, quote, willing to compromise but not on the subject of making job creators pay more in taxes. however, what our tax and spend commander-in-chief fails to understand is that putting money into the hands of you, the american people, is the single best way to spur economic growth, and it's not just people like ronald reagan who
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understand this principle. bill clinton famously said the era of big government is over and the end of wel welfare as we know it. why? because government is not the answer. government is the problem. there was that other iconic democrat, the one that occupied the oval office in 1962. he spoke of the benefits of cutting taxes. president obama, i hope you're watching this. >> this can be the most important step we could take to prevent another recession. that is the right time to make tax cuts both for your family budget and the national budget. resulting from a permanent basic reform and reduction in our rate structure, a creative tax cut creating more jobs and income and eventually more revenue. it will include an across the the board top to bottom cut in both corporate and personal income taxes. the billions of dollars this bill will place in the hands of the consumer, and our
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businessmen, will have both immediate and permanent benefits to our economy. every dollar released from taxation that is spent or invested will help create a new job and a new salary and these new jobs and new salaries can create other jobs and other salaries. >> right. that is the message that president obama needs to hear. unfortunately, there's growing evidence to indicate that he's not interested in striking any deal at all. now, he may, in fact, want us to all go over the fiscal cliff. after all, he would be able to point the finger of blame at the republicans to get all the tax hikes he wants, all the defense cuts he's always wanted and some democrats are stating flat out they want to go over the fiscal cliff. watch this. >> i personally think you'll get a lot more deficit reduction if we do the fiscal cliff. i think the markets will reward the fiscal cliff over a period. there will be some panic and moaning and groaning, but first of all, the fiscal cliff is not a real cliff. it's a slope. and you're going to get the biggest bank for the buck in
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terms of deficit reduction. i think the economy can stand it. yes, we will go into two quarters of recession the cbo says, and i believe that. we're in deep trouble here. somebody's going to have to pay the bill. it's going to have to be all of us. >> joining me with more on all of this, patrick j. buick as well as former clinton special counsel davis. the president campaigns on $800 billion in new taxes. he now wants 1.6 trillion. he wants twice the amount, lanny. he wants a blank check and congress to give up its authority as it relates to money and say no, no, let me raise the debt ceiling any time i want. he wants 150 billion in new stimulus but no entitlement cuts at all, no spending cuts at all. now that sounds to me like somebody that's not serious. >> i don't know where to begin to correct some of what you just said, but let me at least start with ronald ra reagan. >> tell me where i'm wrong. >> you're certainly wrong that he didn't campaign to cut 98% of
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the american people's taxes with the upper 2% paying. he won the election based on that explicit proposal. >> and the house from their election -- the house won their election to stop him. the house also won, lanny. >> 535 congressional districts, most of which have little opposition, exain capture be cao voting for president. >> they did not vote to give him a rubber stamp. >> to go back to your question, 98% tax cut. by the way, john kennedy cut taxes to bracket about twice where we are today, so it's really apples and oranges, but ronald reagan is responsible for the greatest tax increase in american history, and joined with tip o'neill in raising taxes on social security in order to make it solvent. let's not talk about ronald reagan as being anti-taxes. >> your facts are off. patrick j. buchanan was in that
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white house. the the rates went from 70 to 28% during his presidency, true or false, sir. >> true. it went from 70 and then it went down to 50 and then it went to 28%. i was there on the plane when we got word that we had a deal to cut to 28% and i said take it. let me add one point, sean. i was looking over my editorials from 1962 just yesterday, and i have endorsed jack kennedy's proposal. you know what it was? take the top rate on individual income taxes from 91% to 71%. i think kennedy died before it happened, but i think the corporate rate was, if i recall, 43% to take it down to 35. i'm not sure about that, but i know i endorsed it, and i endorsed kennedy's argument because it sounded right. >> hang on a second. the republicans now offer 2.2 trillion in debt to the president's lack of serious proposal here.
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the president said he wants some type of grand bargain. he wants it to be fair. he's willing to work with the republicans. show me in his proposal where he's moved at all because what geithner presented was basically their old budget. >> well, it's not only that. look. the president demanded 1.6 trillion in new taxes. they want to rub the a tea party noses of the caucus in their no new taxes pledge. i think the president is showing that he seems to have a whip, shawn, b by virtue of the fact he's more willing to go over the fiscal cliff than the republicans are. why should he? because then taxes would go up on everybody in the country. they would go up on the rich and barack obama steps in and says i'm going to rescue the country from what the republicans did to save their rich folks from a haircut. i'm proposing tax cuts for 98% of the american people who deserve that. >> there's a way to head that off. isn't it the republicans should
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pass a bill that extends the bush tax cuts for everybody? >> they should pass two bills. first, they should pass a bill extending the payroll taxes which are going to take $2000 off the top of a family that makes $100,000 a year. the cut. that's going to go back into effect. the second thing is they should -- hold it. they should pass the -- they should reenact the bush tax cuts. send it over to the senate and say listen, harry reid, you can do what you want. you can accept these and send them to the president or you can offer to negotiate or you can reject them and we can go over the clinch but that's your call now. we don't want to take this country over the cliff. >> can i counter my friend, pat buchanan? my fact in 1982, ronald reagan passed the greatest tax increase in american history. true or false because the same question shaun asked you.
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>> i talked to the president about it. >> let me go on. let me ask you the second question. >> hold it, lanny, because this is an important point. he was offered $3 in spending cuts for every dollar in taxes increased. he got the reverse. >> the answer is true. secondly, john kennedy was shown on television because shaun liked the speech. you said a reduction from 90 to 71%. bill clinton increased taxes from 35 to 39%, started with a $300 billion deficit. ended with a trillion dollar surplus. all of you and i think you on television predictedicted thered be a recession. 23 million jobs later, there was no recession. >> lanny, if what you say is true, that the clinton tax cuts did it, why doesn't barack obama say let's have back all of the clinton tax hikes? let's have back all of the clinton tax increases object on everybody and we'll have a boom
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because he knows in his heart what he knew in 2010. you raise taxes on everybody, and a weak economy like we've got and you will send it into the dumpster. that's what he's threatening to do. >> that's a fair point. that's the reason it's a weak economy. when bill clinton raised taes and ended up with a surplus, conservatives like yourself loved the fact we had a surplus underather than under the last o administrations. we now have a $16 trillion national debt. >> one question, lanny. under bill clinton, they cut defense spending from reagan 6% of gdp to 3%. cut it in half as a percentage of the economy. that's why he got a balanced budget. he hatched defense. >> we've got to take a break. guys, stay there. by the way, don't forget, bill clinton had newt gingrich and they were a big part of it. actually, clinton sat down with
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gingrich. i don't see # i don't see that happening here. governor palin said to the republican leadership don't be a bunch of wusses. while president obama spent a lot of time golfing once again this weekend and going back to his mansion of 54 christmas trees, many residentses in the northeast are still left with no place to call home in the wake of the superstorm sandy. mr. president, where is all that help you promised? you won't take my life. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12ears. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪
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>> welcome back to hannity. last week we reminded you as the holiday season approaches, there are many families in new york and new jersey in homes without power because of superstorm sandy. while the president found time to once again go golfing over the weekend with his pal bill clinton, he may want to sit down with his emergency management team and find a way to help the
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people in new york and new jersey. there are many out there who think they've been forgotten by the government, and many of them have been speaking out at town hall events like this one. take a look. >> the next storm that hits, everybody is going to be vulnerable. there is no sea wall. there's no burm. there's no protection from the ocean. >> what is the long term plan because people are living in tents and in hospitals and hospitals. that's not a long term plan. that is a short-term plan. >> a hundred percent of the homeowners do not want to rebuild. never want to go through this kind of trauma again. >> we need money to rebuild. i cannot pay my bills. i need money to rebuild to pay the contractor. he's not taking the blanket or the shoes.
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>> we'll continue more with patrick j. buchanan and former clinton special counsel fox news contributor lanny davis. you're a big government guy and you like obama care. you bi believe in big governmen. you've 54 beautiful christmas trees in the white house, two outings playing government since the election, you've got a 20-day vacation that's going to cost the taxpayers millions going to hawaii, and yet people are without homes and power, and families are getting kicked out of hotels, lanny davis. where is this ever-loving government that's supposed to take care of everybody? >> well, first of all, the tragedy of what those people are going through, they need more help. >> where is it? where is the president that came up the week before the election? where is he? >> well, he should be doing more. i agree with that. >> he should be. >> the people of new jersey saw what he did for them, and the governor of new jersey, a republican, was grateful for what he did, but it hasn't been
9:17 pm
a perfect performance. >> that was week one in the middle of the cleax. >> we're a month after the election. we need to do more for those poor people. i would point out to you that your double standard about taking vacations when it was republican presidents, i never heard you criticize the expensive republican vacations. >> patrick j. buchanan. >> i happen to like george bush. i never criticized him for taking vacations on the taxpayer money. >> i've never seen a hezbollah e never seen a president play a hundred rounds of golf. i haven't played a hundred rounds of government in my life. who has time for that. pat, you talked about a cultural shift in america. people think the government will be their answer. it wasn't the answer in katrina. it's not the answer here. i suspect over time we'll see government health care is going to cost more than anyone thinks and that care won't be the quality care we think it will be. >> i think, you know, lanny has
9:18 pm
this point. governor christie in new jersey gets extraordinarily high marks from everybody in the region because he stayed on top of this for weeks and weeks on end, and i think there's legitimate criticism of the president to do the fly in and be the comforter in chief and then to see him heading off for these vacations. i think there's got to be real anger and anxiety on some of the victims. this is the mayor of new york. if you're talking staten island, the governor is in washington, dc asking for more funds. really, that's the richest city in the country in one of the richest states. with fema behind them, they ought to have the resources to really get on top of this. >> they should have been prepared. >> they should have been better prepared and it should not have taken a month to get some of these people into shelter. >> pat, i have a question for you. we had the jersey shore 1992, your big speech. >> lanny loved it. >> people on the floor loved it.
9:19 pm
>> you helped us win the election, pat. >> now, we had on mtv jersey shore. now we've got a new show coming up called buck wild. >> right. >> i want to ask you through this prism of television, can we see if america is changing? watch this. >> west virginia is a place founded on freedom. for me and my friends, that means the freedom to do whatever the [bleep] we want. >> how disrespectful was that? i just got done eating about 14 hot wings. >> pat buchanan, is that evidence of the cultural change you warned about some years ago? >> well, it's been happening -- that's short of a triple x rated
9:20 pm
version of the beverly hillbillies is what it looks like. it's the mark of cultural decline. frankly, there's a mark of deck dense in the popular culture. you have great movies in the 50s and compare the trash that's on television, especially cable television today which is sort of degrading and demeaning and not even funny. it's crude and it's the type of stuff that people used to regard as really social garbage. to see them putting this out suggests a real decline not only in intellect but also in morals and basically in the appreciation of what is good culture and even good popular culture. >> guys, we've got to run. lanny, we'll get your comment. >> you can hit the button. turn it off. my 14-year-old loves jersey shore. >> it's called a hard break. good to see you both. coming up, governor sarah palin warns house republicans not to be a bunch of, quote,
9:21 pm
wooses. she's going to join us after the break to explain. last week we brought you the heartwarming story of a police officer buying boots for a homeless man on the streets of new york city. now the man, believe it or not, is shoeless, bootless again, and you won't believe the reason why he wants a piece of the pie for himself. the woman that took that picture, she'll respond to this man's claim coming up. [ thunder crashes ]
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>> sean: a grand new gallup poll reconfirms our fears about where the country is headed. when asked if they react positively or negatively to the word socialism, 23% of
9:25 pm
republicans did, 58% of democrats did. 72% of republicans felt positively about capitalism. only 55% of democrats said they did. the results of the next poll should not come as a surprise. 75% of democrats feel positively about the term the federal government. only 27% of republicans do. so in other words, the left puts the federal government ahead of capitalism, freedom, liberty. here with reaction, fox news contributor sarah palin. your reaction to that. do you think that shows the country has shifted. >> hopefully people realize what margaret thatcher explained. the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money. what the survey represents, sean is perhaps some survey recipients who answered the question are confusing dirty crony capitalism with genuine free market capitalism with is
9:26 pm
the good kind of capitalism. we've shown a bright light on the problems caused by crony capitalism in recent months and in the last year or two. i think that perhaps capitalism in general has taken a hit because of this new public awareness because of that light that's been shown on crony capitalism. perhaps people are believing that capitalism in general isn't such a good thing. of course, that's a mistake to believe that. >> sean: so we're about to hit this debt ceiling. 16.3 trillion, and at the time in 2008 when obama's running, he says it's irresponsible to take a credit card in the name of our kids to the bank of china. we have to pay that money back. now it's 16.3. they're running out of money once again, so republicans are saying all right, we've got to eat our spinach, we've got to eat our broccoli. we've got to study, turn off the tv, turn off the video games and do our homework. is that as appealing as democrats saying free health
9:27 pm
care, free day care, we'll redistribute the wealth. i mean, it seems like there's a battle for the heart and soul of the country. where does america come down, and where was america traditionally? >> well, first let's address president obama's flip flop on his philosophy there when it comes to raising the debt ceiling. he certainly condemned president bush in those years of raising the debt ceiling, and then look at where he's taken this cufnlt he's taken us into a state of bankruptcy with his changed idea on it being a good thing to raise the debt ceiling. a very scary proposal was recently revealed by geithner essentially saying let the president have free rein on raising the debt ceiling to whatever level he wants. that's a very scary thought because barack obama is a socialist. he believes in socialis socialin redistributing wealth, in
9:28 pm
confiscating hard-earned dollars of our small businessmen and women so that they cannot reinvest their dollars and hire more people and grow and expand. instead, he believes in these failed socialist policies and i say that not to personally condemn our president, but i say it because i face reality, and i see what's going on, and i see the path that we are on and the fact that barack obama has not had a budget in the four years that he's been in office and not been worried about it and continuecontinues to spend recky other people's money and that is a sign of that idea of loving socialism. > >> sean: look. the bottom line is the math isn't there. the mindset of the country has shifted and people want free stuff from the government. you said to the republicans, though, and this was at the top of the program we were debating this. you said republicans don't go wobbly, don't be a bunch of
9:29 pm
wusses as it relates to this, and i see some weakening among the republicans and they feel they've got to go and get along. they fear they may lose the pr battle. what is your response to that in a little more detail? >> well, i guess i shouldn't call politicians names, so i apologize for calling the wobbly ones wusses. >> why not? >> because that disextracts from the point that has to be made. the point is we are a bankrupt country. 16 trillion dollars in debt, and with entitlement, we're really 60, 70, 80 trillion in debt. there isn't enough money in the world to pay back the future generations that we've stolen from and foreign countries we've borrowed from and through quantitative easing, the money that's been printed out of thin air, so i say republicans, go back to what the planks in your platform represent.
9:30 pm
it represents reining in government, putting back the power and the responsibility in the individual, not in the state, not in government again that gets us towards socialism. what goes beyond socialism, sean, is communism. i know i'm going to get slammed for speaking so bluntly about what's going on here, but that's exactly what is going on. read history. see how these very mighty empires have fallen because of government being so burdensome on the people and taking away opportunity and freedom. taking away an individual's work ethic. that leads to the downfall of that country, that empire. >> governor palin, good to see you again. good admonition and warning. we'll see where the country goes. we'll watch the republicans closely, and if they go wobbly, well, we'll call them out on it. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up. a nightmare scenario for the nfl an veteran nbc sports caster bob
9:31 pm
costas jumps on the liberal bandwagon and politicizes a tragedy when he said talk about gun control and it has people across the country calling foul and remember this picture of this homeless man? he got boots from a new york city police officer? that guy right there, he's now bootless again. why? he thinks those boots are worth something and he deserves a cut of the pie in terms of the picture that has gone viral. the woman that took that picture is here tonight to respond coming up. ♪ (announcer) when subaru owners look in the mirror, they see more than themselves. so we celebrate our year-end with the "share the love" event. get a great deal on a new subaru and 250 dollars goes to your choice of five charities. by the end of th, our fifth year, our total can reach almost 25 million dollars. it's a nice reflection on us all. now through january 2nd.
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>> sean: famed nbc sports broadcaster bob costas is following the cue of rahm emanual and not letting a dead fish go to waste. he launched into a tirade about gun control. now his ill-placed self righteous rant came after news broke that kansas city chief linebacker joe van belcher shot and killed his girlfriend and drove to a arrowhead stadium and he shot and killed himself in front of coaches. bob costas said the following. >> you want some actual perspective on this? well, a bit of it comes from the kansas city based writer jason whit locke with whom i do not always agree but who today said it so well that m we may as wel,
9:36 pm
paraphrase from the end of his article. our current gun culture, whitlock wrote, ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy, and that more convenience store confrontations over loud music coming from a car wil will leave more teenages bloodied and dead. hand guns do not enhance our safety, but here wrote jason whitlock, is what i believe. if jo vai belcher did not possea hand gun, he and ca sa cassandrr perkins would both be alive today. >> sean: many reports are emerging that the nfl player was suffering from repeated head injuries as well as painkiller addiction all of which would make costas' comments sound more premature, absurd, and opportunistic. here with reaction is eric rush,
9:37 pm
leo terrell. leo. sosomebody is hell bent on killg season. you're friends with o.j. simpson. he was found liable in the civil case. there was no gun used. somebody's hell bent on killing somebody, leo, they don't need a gun to do it. they can figure out a whole host of ways to kill somebody. >> i anticipate you'll use the simpson case. shame on you. first of all, bob costas is an award winning journalism. he doesn't need any type of platform. he has credibility. he gave social commentary. >> you don't need a gun to kill somebody. >> you know what? gun control is an issue where guns are in the hands of people in the urban community and guns -- soi-- >> sean: was nicole brown simpson killed with a gun or a knife? >> this is a commentary of the proliferation of guns. >> sean: do yodo you want to tae
9:38 pm
away people's second amendment rights? >> no. i do want restrictions on guns. here's my restriction. any person. >> sean: the right for people to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. >> any person that kills the mother of his child and shoots himself is a man who does not need to have a gun in his possession. >> sean: how do you know that ahead of time? are you looking in your crystal ball to figure it out? >> listen. you're making a mockery of a very serious so issue. >> sean: not mak making a mocke. it's a tragedy. >> a lot of people should not have guns. >> sean: there's a bigger issue here. let me go to eric rush. there's a dirty little secret in the nfl and that is that prior to many games, a lot of these players are lining up and they get in these powerful anti-inflammatories. they're taking vicodin and taking vicodin at halftime and a lot of painkillers. they get these head injuries. nobody talks about it. i have friends in the nfl and he says the majority of players are
9:39 pm
taking serious drugs because of the injuries they are sustaining on a regular basis. >> well, it's obvious that all that stuff isn't very good for you. it's also obvious that the investigation is in its infancy, you know. my point here is that whenever there's a high profile gun crime, the fear mon gerring begin, the his fre tron iics be. this has its genesis in the political left and particularly the big government political left who want to disarm the public. >> there you go. that is an absolute lie. >> hey, hey, hey. don't interrupt me. >> excuse me, sir. there's not one piece of legislation. >> you had your time piece. you had your piece. >> sean: hold on. wait. >> that's an absolute lie. >> hang on a second, leo.
9:40 pm
erik first. >> there's no correlation between stringent gun laws and the gun crime and it's particularly irksome to me to see a black man come out -- >> don't even use race. cut his mic off. >> you're interrupting me again. >> sean: hang on. wait a second. wait a second. >> it's 60 years of the reason that you have all of the gun crime in urban areas is because of 60 years of -- >> you're the embarrassment. >> you don't even have the decency not to interrupt somebody. >> you are an embarrassment, sir. >> why don't you shut up. will you please shut up in. >> you shut up. you shut your mouth. >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> you don't have the common decency not to interrupt
9:41 pm
someone. >> not once. >> policies of the democrats that have destroyed the black family. >> this is a man who hates the democratic party. this is typical nonsense. >> like mr. terrell. >> sean: we're going to say goodbye. why don't let your guest finish his statement, leo. >> you know what? i want to say one point. maybe one thing. >> you made your point you made your point. i should let you make another point? you don't know what you're talking about. >> sean: guys, i've got to go. >> you're just jab bering. >> a white house aide implies there would still be safely. it was an act of kindness caught on camera but now the homeless man is bootless once again. this time he's doing it on purpose. he says he wants a piece of the pie. in other words, he wants a piece of that picture pie that the
9:42 pm
tourist took and sent viral. well, that tourist that took that picture is here tonight to respond. straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds
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i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. >> sean: there's no end to the examples of angry an co contents rhetoric from the left. today's come courtesy of an unnamed top aide who spoke to a reporter about the republicans and the fiscal cliff
9:46 pm
negotiations. listen to this. >> i threw the li lynn lincoln y to the president. with the way politics in washington are today, there would still be slavery. lincoln wouldn't have been able to navigate the polarization between the media. it was an interesting and depressing observation from this very smart white house aide. >> sean: sadly, neither the language from the white house or the celebratory manner that it was being reported from those that revel in this comment come at all as a surprise. here is the reaction from mike myers and i took him to say republic, but the sentiment is the same, and that is it's a divided nation. you know with these republicans, what's your reaction? >> the rhetoric never seeses to astonish me.
9:47 pm
it used to be in the old days which wasn't too long ago you had rhetoric, no justice, no peace coming from the streets. now you get this racial rhetoric coming from the pun bits on nbc. back to bob costas, he was quoting a newspaper comyu newspt who compared the nra to the new kkk. so much racial rhetoric, it has to be condemned. where are the voices. >> this is the same as susan rice. it's a war on women, and it's the republican party that's racist. let me play another nbc cut, niger, and get you to respond. they said this is no country for young black men. watch this. >> another 17-year-old african-american boy shot and killed. the alleged assailant, an older white man that said he felt threatened although the boy he's accused of shooting was
9:48 pm
reportedly unarmed. another claim of self defense to justify the killing. another pair of gravin grave grg parents. a sense that this is no country for young black men but always this, one thing has been the same. no presumption of innocence for young black men. no benefit of the doubt. guilt, but presumed to be inherent in their very become. they need not wield to have a weapon to pose a threat. if you are a young bla black ma, you are threat enough. >> your blan young blan black me threat enough. >> it's outrageous, disgusting, it's the default setting for far too many within the liberal party. an old friend of mine said there's republicans and democrats and the corrupt party
9:49 pm
and certainly this practice of racial de demagogery is awful. they don't even compete for votes, and in the battle of ideas within communities of color. latino, african-american, asian american communities. when you have these communities written off by one political party, then you can have another political party play these type of racial games. very quickly -- go ahead. >> sean: did you read what niger is saying? you're saying the african-american community is written off by republicans. do you agree with that, michael? >> no. >> sean: i don't, either. >> i have to respond to melissa harris perry and her notion that just because she says shooting is racially motivated, therefore black boys and black men are in danger does not make it a racially-motivated shooting.
9:50 pm
just because she says that. now, it's very, very important to know that we have to have voices like barbara jordan, the former congresswoman are 23r frs is my faith in the con substitution is whole and complete. complete. people have to be brought to justice because they're perceived as being a thug, no. a person arrested and charged with murder has a legal presumption to be tried by a jury of their peers, not all blacks, not all whites, but a jury of their peers. >> if you look at predominantly african-american neighborhoods, we read about it all the time. black on black crime. out of control. >> that's right. >> sean: if liberal policies were so successful and i would argue many of the inner cities in the country have been governed for decades now by the
9:51 pm
left, and there's poverty, and as a result, you see a rise in crime. drugs have not been cleaned out. >> breakdown of the family. >> sean: good point. >> absolutely. that's why you have millions of voices and black and brown communities that want their votes, want their ideas counted. i started an organization where blacks, latinos, asian americans called new america, the grassroots tea party of nevada is joining us in a press conference on wednesday. we can come together and not disregard our conservative principles but you've gotta reach out to all communities. >> a thug is a thug, a punk is a punk, no matter what their color. there is no color of crime. a punk is a punk. >> sean: coming up, you know the homeless man who was given this pair of boots by an nypd officer is once again bootless. you won't believe why. the woman that captured the officer's act of kindness is
9:52 pm
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>> sean: it was a feel-good story of last week that won hearts from coast to coast. nypd officer lawrence deprimo
9:56 pm
was on patrol in new york's time square when he saw a homeless man sitting in the cold with bare, blistered feet. he went and bought the man thermal socks and boots and needle down and put them on his feet. the scene was photographed by a tourist who saw it unfold and was touched by the act of kindness. shsenshe sent the photo to the e department and it went viral on their facebook page. the homeless man was found barefoot again. he said he's scared that the fame made those boots a valuable target. he told the times that although he's very grateful for the boots, shade this went around the world. i want a piece of the pie. jennifer foster who snapped the picture while visiting new york. she works in the communications division of the the sheriff as office. welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you very much.
9:57 pm
>> did you get anything for giving this to the nypd? you did it to show that they had good officers working for them. did you get anything for in a? >> absolutely not. no. nothing. >> sean: what is your reaction to this? >> well, i really think that there are two different stories. first, the very kind thing that officer deprimo did for this gentleman is exactly what it was when it was first seen. it was an act of kindness. it was an officer on regular patrol seeing a person who was compromised and offering him help, and that is the first story. the second story sadly has to be this follow up which hopefully does not blur the message of the kind thing that is a stand alone circumstance, and that is that this gentleman no no longer has the boots or has hidden the boots. i was aware of this, had been told this last thursday or friday when i was in new york,
9:58 pm
so i've known this for a few days now. frankly, it still doesn't diminish the act of kindness, number one, and number two, i myself have never lived on the street. i don't know what sort of circumstances he may or may not face, and so i certainly could not judge why he has those shoes or does not have them now or any comment that he would make about them. >> sean: you ever ever hear they of a homeless woman and ed coch tried to confine her to bellevue. the aclu defended her. she went on donahue. harvard gave her a job and an apartment and she was an instructor on life in the street. within two weeks everything that they've given her, a whole new life, well, the apartment was wrecked. do you remember at a story? >> yes. >> sean: does it sound similar to you? >> no, only because here's the thing. if a person is living on the
9:59 pm
street, that's one compromised circumstance. if they're living on the street, it's 25 degrees outside and they don't have shoes, that's another circumstance. but if it looks like there's something wrong with that, it's because there is. that's not a normal thing to do in the way that we think in terms of survivability and to survive in 25 degree weather with no shoes on is a circumstance


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